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Application for 07/2023 intake is closed

 about baap 

Behind every glitzy or glamourous, exciting, thought-provoking or powerful performance seen onstage, there is a group of backstage management professionals who work tirelessly to make everything happen.


As Singapore’s arts, entertainment and recreation landscapes develops, there is a growing demand for experienced backstage professionals who can take on this role.


The Backstage Affair’s Apprenticeship Programme (BAAP) is for fresh graduates and young theatre professionals with limited working experience backstage or interested individuals with minimal knowledge in the production aspects of the arts and entertainment sector.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the skillsets of various backstage management roles across the arts, entertainment and other relevant industries

  • Assume and execute various roles independently and confidently in production and/or stage management

  • Formulate a unique individual working style through hands-on experiences with a wide range of companies, professionals and projects

  • Gain a head start to the arts and entertainment industry by establishing connections and developing networks

  • Enrich knowledge and skills through mentorships with relevant practitioners and on-the-job training in established companies


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