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WHAT is Meet-a-PC?

The Backstage Affair (BA) and Juliet Chia team up to provide pro bono production management consultancy services to Arts Self-Employed Persons (SEPs) and emerging arts groups. 


Our Production Consultants are experienced and practising Production Managers who can offer practical advice and specialized knowledge to help you improve your production planning procedures. This may cover various aspects of production planning such as production budgeting, resource allocation, license application, risk assessment, role clarification, or other related matters.


There will be three 1:1 consultation sessions available every month, with each session lasting for one hour. These sessions can be conducted either in-person or on Zoom.

WHO is this for?

  • artists or teams without a production manager

  • production personnel looking for a second opinion

  • anyone who has production-related questions but is not sure who to ask

WHEN is this?

​Every last Fri of the month
Register by: 15th of the month
1:1 Sessions for 2024:

28 Jun, 26 Jul, 30 Aug, 27 Sep, 25 Oct, 29 Nov

"I think this experience is great for self-producing artists/young theatremakers & creatives who want to start projects but are lacking in expertise in the production side of things."
"Friendly, good brainstorming session, plenty of ideas blooming, great connection. overall a great experience!"
"It was highly tailored to my specific needs but conveyed in a casual manner. The PC was able to point out my blind spots and anticipate potential risk cases and alternative cost-saving strategies in achieving the same production effect."

HOW to register?

Email an introduction of yourself, a short description of your project,

and your production question by the 15th of each month.

(subject line - “Meet-a-PC registration”)

You will receive an email notification within 3 working days after the close of registration for the month.

The Production Consultants

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